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1. Plaque to commemorate the building of the first Road over the Blue Mountains by William Cox. 2.St.Peter's Curch at Nile, near Evandale, the land gifted by James Cox for a Church, Glebe and Burial Ground. 3.James Cox's "Winburn" where John lived prior to moving to Victoria c.1838. 4."Weerangourt" home of John and Frances Cox in 1840's, situated in the beautful hills of Byaduk, Western District. John d.1853 on board "Carnatic" following a hunting accident.


As the "Clarendon" house was not completed until 1838, most of the children were born either in Launceston or on the estate, in the ground level homestead. From publication "Mariners Merchants...then Pioneers" and family tree chart, compiled by Geoff Cox, we trust this record is as true as is known in 2003. Detail of name and date of birth of the children of James and Mary Cox are as follows:-

First son JOHN COX was b.20.3.1813. Uncle William lived at Windsor, N.S.W. and young John was sent there for his education. There was obviously great affection between John and his cousin Frances dau/of William Cox Jun & Elizabeth Piper of "Hobartville". As they grew to adulthood, fondness grew to love and they married at St.James Church, Sydney 28.2.1837 a few weeks before their grandfather William Cox passed away 15.3.1837.

JOHN & Frances COX lived at "Winburn" one of his father's properties, adjoining Clarendon Estate. The Henty family had been at Portland and ships were passing regularly enroute to N.S.W. The Western District was just opening up and 'greener' hills were beckoning, as Tasmania was to James in 1812. Much of the land had been taken up by purchase or grant and large runs were hard to obtain. This was just after the Port Phillip 15 made an agreement to settle Port Phillip Bay region of Victoria.

So JOHN COX, at about 27 years and around the time of his marriage, established himself as a merchant, opening his Bond Store on Moyne River, Port Fairy. John's store, Cnr. Cox & Bank Streets was opposite the present Blue Stone Wall classified by National Trust of Australia. John sold his Bond Store c.1842 to William Rutledge to concentrate on pastoral interests at Mt.Rouse. The government resumed his property for an Aboriginal Reserve, without due compensation. The project failed and government then sold by auction to Twomey family. John continued in his pursuits at Mt.Napier and held a run at "Weerangourt" beautifully situated amongst rolling, verdant hills of Byaduk area of Western District. After a hunting accident, John was advised to go on a long and restful voyage to recouperate. John & Frances COX with seven sons and daughter Frances, boarded "Carnatic" for England. John d.5.4.1853 on board ship and Frances completed the voyage, sharing some anxious experiences, with the death of daughter Frances in Germany 1865. Son William also died, before she returned to Tasmania with son Winfred, when she purchased 300 acres on which to do her own bit of "pioneering". FRANCES COX d.9.6.1894 at "Camelon" Ulverstone. JOHN COX is remembered with great respect by the people of Western District with a large marble plaque in Anglican Church at Port Fairy. (Inscription on request)

ISSUE to John & Frances Cox:- 1. JAMES COX (2) 1838/1897 m.1875 Elizabeth Sarah Wilson THIRKELL. James inherited Clarendon after death of his grandfather James Cox (1790-1866); 2. WILLIAM COX 1840/1840; 3. JOHN COX 1841-1910 mar Marie VON LOCHNEYSEN; 4. FRANCES COX 1843/1865; 5. RICHARD COX b.1845; 6. CHARLES COX 1847/1868; 7. ARTHUR COX 1850/1923 m.1877 Mary OHLSEN 1856/1939 in California; 8. WINFRED COX 1852/1921 m.Julia Charlotte THOMAS d.1949.


1. John Cox (as above); 2. Rebecca Cox 1814/1870 m.1840 Walter GLAS CHIENE d.1845; 3. Mary COX 1816/1835 in childbirth m.1834 C.J.L.DeVILLIERS b.1808; 4. Jane COX 1819/1863 m.1845 Claude James FARIE d.1870; 5. Elizabeth COX 1822 m.1843 George WINTER d.1879; 6. James COX 1824/1836 ?; 7. ANN COX 1826/1865 m.1849 George BOSTOCK (my gr.grandparents) of whom later; 8. Julia COX 1828/1829. Sadly, Mary died 16th July 1828 just a few months after Julia's birth. Julia died in April 1829.

The family lived on Clarendon Estate for some years, during which time they must have spent many happy times at the beach house "Marion Villa" at Low Head, just north of George Town. James bought this land from Matthew Curling Friend and it is thought James built the home. In 2003 it is privately owned and in a state of disrepair.

There are many more details regarding all people on this page and I am happy to share if you email me.... Thelma


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