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These photos taken by Matthew in 1995 show Cobh in Co.Cork. Cobh Harbour was the place of emigration for many of our families, Delahunty, Cox, Mulholland, Rafferty and Fletcher of Mountshannon. Top. View across Cobh Harbour from the Cathedral on the hill. 2. View from the historic Cathedral to the semi-detached houses, on the narrow road leading down to Cobh Harbour.


Matthew & Thelma (Bostock) Birrell are seeking links to families as follows.

BIRRELL - from first proven record the family came from Falkland - Freuchie - Newton of Falkland - Leslie - Dunfermline all in Kingdom of Fife. The families moved to Glasgow, Colinton, Edinburgh, Newcastle on Tyne ( KIRK-BIRRELL ) and to Canada. Web page

SURNAMES -Electric Scotland web page above. BIRRELL - ROBERTSON(Innerleven) - KIRK ? - OVERTON-BURRELL (N.on T.) REITH - ANDERSON(Dunf) - JOHNSON(Dunf) - STOBIE(Dunf) - and other names in Australia. The family were mostly Flax Mill weavers; Henry a Shoemaker and his father a Draper/Journeyman.

SURNAMES on Irish/Scots web page The DELAHUNTY (8 variations) name comes with William from KILKENNY in Ireland. Very little is known about his life in Ireland, but much is recorded about his family in Australia. He married JANE FLETCHER born MOUNTSHANNON, Co.Clare. Other Irish names with links are MULHOLLAND (DRIPSEY-Co.Cork) BOYDEN (Sheerness,U.K. - Ireland/Australia.) RAFFERTY (Dublin)

SURNAMES from SCOTLAND on Irish Scots web page MALTMAN-SHEARER-BAIN-JAMIESON-HIGGINS- MUIRHEAD (Glasgow-Australia) CRAWFORD-McKAY (Glasgow) SARKIES-JAGO(Kilsyth,Stirling- Australia).

CRAWFORD/McKAY/SARKIES on Electric Scotland web page ROBE-WILSON (Banff)-BOSTOCK(Bristol) web page

SURNAMES from ENGLAND on MONTGOMERY web page - MONTGOMERY - DOWN - REDMAN - BARBER - JERAM - McGREGOR -SKATES - WAINWRIGHT - MANT - SAUNDERS - B IRRELL - MONTGOMERY (Brisbane) Most of these families came from the south coast of England (White Cliffs) as many were Coastguardsmen, Mariners, Merchants or Smugglers from Cuckmere Haven, Eastborne, Seaford to Lulworth in Dorset. A marvellous story and extensive family trees.

SURNAMES on STOKES-WILSON -YATES web page - SPENCER-OWEN (London) SMITH - WILSON (Pendleton, Lancs) YATES-HAIGH (Yorks) WILSON-HEARSFIELD (Sussex-Romney Marsh) STOKES-YATES (Brisbane) There is a large family tree with Australian researchers.

SURNAMES from England on BOSTOCK/WILKINSON web page - BOSTOCK - BETTES - BARKER - BRIDGES - ROBERTS - BLEASE - WILKINSON - POLLIT - LIGHTFOOT - KING - ROBE - BARTLAM - WETHERALL - RAFFERTY(Irl/Aus)-RHODES(U.K/Aus) - COX - DOVETON - HUNTER(Writer to Signet, Ayr/Edin, Sct. Explorers/horsemen Aust) plus a host of other names in Asutralia. Families came from Tarvin, Tarporley, Chester and Liverpool before Australia.

SURNAMES from ENGLAND - COX - UPJOHN - GARLE - Mariners and watch and clockmakers from Wimborne, Dorset, Shaftsbury, Poole etc. The family came to N.S.W. & Tasmania firstly. COX-BOSTOCK surnames COX - CONNELL - COLLINS - EDDINGTON - FARIE - WINTER - CHIENE - deVILLIERS - and other links at -

Dear Friend, These are just some of the names that come readily to my mind. I am happy to communicate by email, regarding other family names. There will be some ommissions in these pages, of which I am unaware, but please add this web site to your "Favourites" folder to read when time is available to you...

These pages are written with a sincere desire to convey to our grandchildren and to you, some of the wonderful experiences we have shared on this magic journey to find our ancestors, who pioneered this country in many different ways. Just enjoy the journey as much as possible and delight yourself in the 'gems' you will find along the way... Thel & Matt Birrell in Queensland Australia.


THINGS you have to get over to ENJOY the REST of LIFE'S JOURNEY.

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